verwirrt / crab and proud
Не первая запись, но первая значительная! Разрешите поделиться одним прекрасным артом, найденным на просторах сети!
Картинка большая, так что под катом.

Caricature by Gillray first published by H. Humphreys on April 1st, 1797.
This print is from the third major edition published by Henry G. Bohn. Later hand colouring. COUNT NASSALIN. PRINCE WILLIAM OP ORANGE. The abdicated Stadtholder spent much of his day thus perambulating Old Bond Street, with his Secretary, Count Nassalin ; the Prince himself, who was remarkable for his heavy corpulence, being frequently in a state of somnolence during his walk. ** Hand Coloured. Trimmed from a larger sheet, narrow top margin..***This is from the later Bohn Edition of 1849 to 1851

никто, наверное, не поймет мой убогий юмор x)

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